The Spine-Leaf Data Center: Why and What?

Have you ever considered how to extend your layer-2 switching network across your data centers? In this article we’ll discuss EVPN-VXLAN and the spine-leaf network architecture. These topologies and technologies will change your life! Don’t be afraid of the technology. Turn and face it!

Automate Around A Country

Have a routing issue with China? Can’t figure out how to deal with that Great Firewall? This is part one of a series discussing how to automate around the ChiCom blockade.

PathSolutions Presents

I’m not going to lie, the UI of pathSolutions TotalView web interface is circa-Windows 95. The old addage, “Form follows function” certainly fits. Now…

Those Pesky ACLs

Do you remember the first access control list you ever added to a Cisco router? Was probably something simple like blocking IP subnets…

Connection Refused

An interesting thing happened on my network over the last few days. It was easily remedied, but if you’ve never seen the issue…