HAM Radio Technician

Resources to study for the HAM Technician license.



  • When doing practice tests, make certain you are consistently passing with an 85% or better
  • There are few formulas to remember
    • E = I * R   <– Very important for the exam and electronic troubleshooting
    • 300/wavelength = frequency in Hz
    • 300/frequency = wavelength in Meters
  • Know basic schematic components (e.g. resistor, transformer, LED, lamp, and switch)
  • Know repeater offsets, UHF/VHF ranges
  • Know frequency categories for UF/UHF/VHF and bands for CW/SSB
  • Be able to calculate values for antenna length
    • E.g. What is the length in inches for 1/2 antenna length in the 3M band?
  • The test pool is approx. 450 questions and THEY DON’T CHANGE. The test is 35 questions from the pool THAT DOESN’T CHANGE. You only need a 75% to pass.