EVPN-VXLAN Data Centers: ERB Deployment

For greenfield EVPN-VXLAN deployments, there are a bunch of things to consider. BGP underlay and overlays. VNI assignments. Route targets and descriptors. A basic idea on how to get your data center up and running should help deal with more complex issues.

EVPN-VXLAN Data Centers: Architecture

If you’re wondering about what type of EVPN-VXLAN deployment to use in our Data Center, you’ll hear terms like CRB, BO, and ERB. This will help figure out your options.

The Spine-Leaf Data Center: Why and What?

Have you ever considered how to extend your layer-2 switching network across your data centers? In this article we’ll discuss EVPN-VXLAN and the spine-leaf network architecture. These topologies and technologies will change your life! Don’t be afraid of the technology. Turn and face it!

Fortinet And Monitoring

There’s a way to add your FortiGate managed FortiSwitches into your SNMP-based management platform. A few small hoops to jump through, but this is the direction to go.

The Angry Co-Worker

We’ve all had them. Colleagues that fight you at every turn and then get upset when you have legitimate concerns about a project…