I am a full-time Sales Engineer for Juniper Networks, a leading full-stack network hardware OEM. My career in the IT industry has been on the customer side stretching nearly 25 years primarily in the enterprise space; financial, biomedical, and high tech sectors. I then moved into the Value Added Resale space at SHI before going to the vendor side. I love my job and get to work with the great people at Juniper, helping my customers resolve network issues, and prepare them for exciting new technologies.

In addition to my day job, I teach firearms in my spare time after being a husband to my wonderful wife of over 20 years and father to my three awesome kids.

I love being a part of the technical community. I have been working with several Austin and San Antonio technologists to form a group here in Central Texas (TXNUG) where the exchange of technical ideas can flow freely between peers. You may also see my other technical writing, podcasts, and vodcasts at these great sites, and don’t forget about LinkedIn!

Brian in the Data Center
Late night fun, data center outages