EVPN-VXLAN Data Centers: ERB Deployment

For greenfield EVPN-VXLAN deployments, there are a bunch of things to consider. BGP underlay and overlays. VNI assignments. Route targets and descriptors. A basic idea on how to get your data center up and running should help deal with more complex issues.

EVPN-VXLAN Data Centers: Architecture

If you’re wondering about what type of EVPN-VXLAN deployment to use in our Data Center, you’ll hear terms like CRB, BO, and ERB. This will help figure out your options.

The Spine-Leaf Data Center: Why and What?

Have you ever considered how to extend your layer-2 switching network across your data centers? In this article we’ll discuss EVPN-VXLAN and the spine-leaf network architecture. These topologies and technologies will change your life! Don’t be afraid of the technology. Turn and face it!

Fortinet And Monitoring

There’s a way to add your FortiGate managed FortiSwitches into your SNMP-based management platform. A few small hoops to jump through, but this is the direction to go.

The Predictive Wireless Survey

Have you ever had to conduct a predictive wireless survey? Not really a wireless dude, but, somebody in the corner office thought it…

Wireless Site Survey

If you are providing wireless connectivity to your guests, employees, or clients you need to provide good connections. It’s like a first impression. If you skimp on connectivity, you suck. Get a wireless site survey and know what you’re showing off to your customers.